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The Bookkeeper Inc.

Welcome to The Bookkeeper, Inc.

Do you need a bookkeeper?


  • You need one when you start a business.  A bookkeeper can be priceless to get you started on the right path and keep you from getting into trouble with the state and federal governments.
  • Do you know how to do bookkeeping?
  • Is your banker asking for reports you don't know anything about?
  • Do you know how to read a Profit and Loss statement
  • Do you know the financial health of your business?


  • Are you familiar with payroll and reporting procedures?
  • Do you know how to submit Workers Comp paperwork? 
  • Do you know how to handle an unemployment claim dispute? 

Efficiency and Convenience

  • Are you losing profits doing your own bookkeeping instead of running your business?  A good bookkeeper can do the books faster and more efficiently since that is where his/her experience lies. What may take a lay person two hours an experienced bookkeeper can do in less than one.
  • Do you dread sitting down to do your books?
  • Are you spending more time doing books and less time doing your business?